Snowplow Info

Due Nov 1st

Town of Orienta
Snowplowing Information
The yearly fee for the snowplowing season is $75.00 for each driveway. The fee for snowplowing must be paid by October 31st or a late fee of $25.00 will be charged. NO services will be received if delinquent bills and/or delinquent personal property taxes are due the Town. If you are snowplowing your driveway please make sure all snow is completely off all town roads. (WI State Statutes 86.01- Materials left in highway; penalty)
Snowplowing Requirements
➢ The township is NOT responsible for any damage done to any property.
➢ Driveways MUST have a minimum clearance of 20 feet wide.
➢ Driveways MUST have a minimum overhead clearance height of 14 feet.
Adequate turn-around room for snowplowing equipment MUST be provided at the end of each driveway.
Driveways with gates must be accessible at all times. If gates are closed snowplowing driveways will be done with the next regular driveway plowing. No special trips will be made.
➢ A town employee or town board member will inspect all driveways for the above requirements prior to snowplowing. If the above requirements are NOT met the Town Board has instructed the town employees NOT to plow snow on these driveways until these conditions are met.
In consideration for the snowplowing work performed by the Town of Orienta, the undersigned hereby agrees to keep the area he/she designated to be plowed, free of all property that will be subject to damage by snowplowing equipment and to conform to the standards listed above.
The undersigned property owner also acknowledges the following: That all private driveway snowplowing is to be done after all the public highways, school bus routes and mail routes with the Town of Orienta, have been plowed or at the discretion of the Town Board.
The Town of Orienta, its officials and employees will not be held liable for any personal injury or property damage when the town is engaged in snowplowing.